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HS Guidance & Counseling - NOT PUBLIC

Hoover HS School Counseling Home

Hoover HS School Counseling Home

Contact Information

Contact information for school counselors are listed to the right of this web page.  You can stay most up to date with our announcements and events by connecting with our various social media platforms. 

Twitter: @TheGuidingVike                                                    Instagram: @TheGuidingVike

Facebook Page: GuidingVike                                               YouTube Channel: "Hoover HS Guidance Office"

Hoover HS Guidance Schoology Group Access Code: C4CXN-MH7W3

We also share a monthly newsletter, which you can access the newsletters the HS Guidance Dept. newsletters here

We host various meetings each year for our families and students.
We post information about each meeting as we get closer to the dates on our social media platforms. 
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Local Resources for Families

988Here you can find local resources that can provide assistance to our families and students!

Guidance Office Phone                         Guidance Office Fax
330-497-5627                                           330-498-0442

Hoover School Counselors

Amy Myers

Mrs. Amy Myers
E: amy.myers@northcantonschools.org
P: 330-497-5627 ext 1210

Works with students whose last names begin with A-C

Crystal Ake

Mrs. Crystal Ake
E: crystal.ake@northcantonschools.org
P: 330.497.5627 ext 1211

Works with students whose last names begin with D-He

Mr. Sowers

Mr. Taylor Sowers
E: taylor.sowers@northcantonschools.org
P: 330.497.5627 ext 1212

Works with students whose last names begin with Hi-Mc 


Tamie Eynon

Mrs. Tamie Eynon
E: tamie.eynon@northcantonschools.org
P: 330.497.5627 ext 1209 

Works with students whose last names begin with Me-R


Ms. Stuffel






Mrs. Hollie Donald
E: hollie.stuffel@northcantonschools.org
P: 330.497.5627 ext 1208 

Works with students whose last names begin with S-Z 


Brian Girdlestone 

Mr. Brian Girdlestone
E: brian.girdlestone@northcantonschools.org
P: 330.497.5627 ext 1207
Success Counselor