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American Sign Language

American Sign Language


The American Sign Language Club's purpose is to be actively involved in the deaf community, to use ASL skills in a variety of ways, and to provide a friendly environment to practice American Sign Language. The main purpose of the club is to have fun and help understand life from others' viewpoints.

ASL is a visual/manual language. It is not "English on the hands." Many people think that ASL is the same as English. However, ASL has its own grammar and linguistic structure.

ASL is really used without voice. If you sign and voice at the same time, it compromises the integrity of both languages. ASL is not just gesturing or playing charades. It is the natural language of Deaf people. ASL can only be used in USA and Canada.

Most Deaf people don't view themselves as handicapped or disabled. They view themselves as a culture/language group just like an Hispanic person does. This view of Deaf people is the "cultural view." The view that sees Deaf people as disabled is the "pathological" view.

The ASL Club at Hoover attempts to teach people the proper cultural view all in the spirit of helping others and having fun.

"Deafness is an identity, not a disability."