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Hoover High School

Main Office 330-497-5620 Attendance Office 330-497-5607

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Student Parking  

Parking Forms can be turned in beginning August 1st if your student has not done so yet. Applications are on the district website under parent information. Just reminder all cars on campus must be registered even if your student is on campus for only one or two classes. Please email Mrs. Thomas at dawn.thomas@northcantonschools.org 

School Fees 
Any questions about school fees can be directed Mrs. Taylor at (330) 497-5620 ext 1168. 

Work Permits 
Work Permit applications can be found on the district website under parent information or picked in the high school main office. After the application is complete, the student can return it to Mrs. Thomas in the high school main office.

Athletic Department 
Any question for the Athletic Department should be directed to Mr. Oakes at the following email tom.oakes@northcantonschools.org

Student Parking Applications for the 2023-2024 School Year 

Hoover High School Student Parking Applications for the school year 2023 - 2024 are now available. The form is attached or can be picked up in the Main Office. Parking spots are assigned based on a first-come first-served-basis. Completed applications must be returned to the Main Office. Parking in the Stadium Lot is free to students, but their car must be registered. Please see Mrs. Thomas in the Main Office with any questions. 

Student Parking Applications for 2023-2024 School Year.pdf  

Beginning of the year medication drop off 

Planning ahead.... 2023-24 School Year and MEDICATIONS                                                               
*ALL medication must be brought to school by the parent in the original 
 manufacturer’s packaging (over-the-counter meds) or in the container in which it 
 was dispensed by the physician or pharmacist prescription bottle. 
* Parents must provide a physician-signed Prescription Medication Administered at 
  School form in order for prescription medication to be administered at school. 
* Parents must provide a physician-signed Prescription Medication Administered at 
  School form or a physician-signed School Asthma Action Plan for any student who 
  will use an asthma inhaler at school or for after school activities. Students must have 
  physician consent to carry inhaler and self-medicate. 
* Parents must provide a physician-signed Prescription Medication Administered at 
  School form or a physician-signed Allergy Action Plan for any student who will 
  carry an epi-pen at school or for after school activities. 
* Parents must provide a parent-signed Non-Prescription Medication Administered at 
  School form in order for NON-prescription medication of any kind to be 
  administered. This includes cough drops and essential oils. 
* All medication, both prescribed and over-the-counter, will be stored and secured in 
  locked storage and distributed only by authorized school personnel. 

     Schedule your annual physician/nurse practitioner visits now for a summer appointment. 
All incoming 12th grade students are required to have proof of receiving the Meningococcal (A, C, Y, W-135) Vaccine  

BEFORE school starts. If your child has not received this immunization, please contact your doctor.  

Ask your provider about other recommended vaccine updates for adolescents, especially those which are needed 
prior to college entry. Please keep a copy of your child’s immunization record and turn it into school before August 28, 2023. 
     If you have any questions regarding medication at school or vaccines, please 
contact Brenda Ramey BSN, RN, LSN, Hoover High School Nurse at the 330-497-5620, 
ext. 1194 or email brenda.ramey@northcantonschools.org 



 In conjunction with Red Ribbon Week (October 22-October 26), we want to make our
community aware of another initiative, Take Back Drug Week. In cooperation with North Canton
Police Department, our district would like you to know that there is an official drop off box
located at the North Canton City Hall 145 N. Main St., (Enter parking lot off Ream Ave. NW for
entrance to City Hall/ Police Department) North Canton, Ohio 44720. During this week, please
take the time to dispose of your expired and unused prescription and over-the-counter (OTC)
medications and properly dispose of them at the drop-off box. The drop off box is accessible
(24/7) and is located inside the back door of city hall and the police department. Any
medications can be dropped off except liquids. This is the only exception.
Research shows that early experimentation and abuse often happens with medications that are
available in your own home. Please use this week as an opportunity to have conversations with
your children and limit accessibility by disposing unused medications. North Canton School
District wants to work with all our parents to keep our students healthy, safe and drug-free!




525 7th Street NE 
North Canton, Ohio 44720-2012 
Main Office Phone 
Phone:  330-497-5620 

Fax:  330-497-5606  


Student Hours: 7:20am – 2:20pm  

To report a student absent, call the 
Attendance Office at 330-497-5607


Mr. Eric Bornstine


Mr. Eric Bornstine 

Mrs. Veronica Baca-Bernel


Mrs. Veronica Baca-Bernel
Associate Principal

Mr. Henry Householder


Mr. Henry Householder 
Associate Principal

Mr. Robert White


Mr. Robert White 
Associate Principal

Mr. Tom Oakes


Mr. Tom Oakes
Athletic Director

Mr. Mike Bluey


Mr. Mike Bluey
Digital Academy Director



Dawn Thomas
Main Office Secretary

Patti Hare

Amy Taylor
Financial Secretary



Mrs. Katie Wolff
Attendance Office Secretary


Brenda Ramey
School Nurse


Additional Medical Forms

Transcript Release Form for Graduates

Insurance Waiver Form