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Work Permit

Work Permit


Instructions for Completing your Work Permit

Work permits are available on line and in the high school’s main office. Students are to complete the top portion of the Application for Minor Work Permit and have a parent/guardian sign.  Do not obtain the superintendent's signature. The main office will handle this information.

The student then takes the application to the employer, and the employer fills out the Pledge of Employer section.  Box one through four must be filled out completely. “Various” is not acceptable. Specific hours, days, starting time and quitting time need to be completed.

The student is required to obtain a physician’s signature. Physicals are good for one year, you may get a copy of it and attach it to the Application for Minor Work Permit.  If you have a physical on file in the Athletic Office, you may obtain a copy from them (330)497–5660. The student is also required to provide a copy of their driver’s license or birth certificate.

Once everything is completed you submit these forms to the high school’s main office for processing. Students must then come back to the office, sign the work permit and take it to their new employer.

Work Permit Form that can be filled out online

Work Permit download

This download includes the application, pledge of the employer and the physical.