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Ski Club


Hoover Ski-Snowboard Club 2024 Season Registration Information 

If you cannot find answers below, please email questions to:  tom.wilson@northcantonschools.org 


DEADLINE to Register: December 10th, 2023

Ski Club will begin January 10th and run for five weeks on Wednesday evenings at Boston Mills.

The plan is to depart at 3:15 pm from the Hoover High bus lot and return around 8:30 pm.

The BMBW ski club registration and package options are very different from years past, so please read all the information carefully.

Spots are limited, and registration is first come, first served. 



1. $319 - Slope Days Pass. Paid directly to BMBW online.  

This includes lift passes for the five Wednesday nights we will attend starting January 10th, lessons, and rentals if needed.

2. $50 -Ski Club Fee. Paid to Hoover High School *Includes Transportation Cost.  (Participants are required to ride the bus.)

(If you already have an Epic Pass, you can still join and pay the $50 ski club fee. Skip step #2 below.)



Step 1: Join Hoover Ski Club Schoology Group : Use Code 5PQ5T-ZPVM7 

Step 2: Purchase a Boston Mills pass. YOU MUST use code BMNC5WED when you register. Use Link: Hoover Slope Days Pass

(GO TO THE BOTTOM OF PAGE FOR COMPLETE STEP 2 INSTRUCTIONS.) BMBW recommends using a computer, not a phone or tablet.

Step 3: Complete your registration using this link: Club Registration Form (Click the link and sign in using your STUDENT email account.)

Step 4: Print the Parent Consent Form. Also, print the BMBW Rental Form if you plan on using rental equipment.

Step 5: Add the following to an envelope marked Ski Club with your child’s name on it: $50 Check to Hoover High School, a signed Parent Consent Form, and a completed rental form if you plan on renting.

Step 6: Students can drop off envelopes in room M5 to Mr, Wilson or room F5 to Mr. Bodenschatz.  Parents can leave them at the security desk on 7th Street.



BMBW recommends using a computer to register, not a phone or tablet.

  • Using the link in step 2, scroll down to the 'Session' drop-down menu and select the 5-Week duration option. 
  • Click 'Add to Cart'.
  • Click 'Checkout'.
  • Select Checkout as a Guest
  • Enter 'Contact Information'. 
  • Enter 'Medical Information'
  • YOU MUST enter your group code BMNC5WED in the 'Special Conditions' field
    • This group code is an important component to help us identify our local group during registration. Please take your time when entering this code and double-check for accuracy.
    • If you have additional special conditions you’d like to address, please add a space after the group code and enter any additional special conditions.
  • Check the 'Release of Liability' box and click 'Address & Payment' to continue to the end of the checkout process. 
  • You'll receive an email confirmation for your order; please note that there will be a start date of 12/15 on that confirmation that should be ignored.  We will communicate with you directly regarding the program start date and time. 

Note: Remember to go back and complete all 6 steps of the registration process. 

Unfortunately, BMBW cannot supply us with your registration information, so you must register with us as well and turn in your forms and club fee check.